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Asking the questions that matter

These days it seems you can’t do anything without being asked to fill in an online survey afterwards.

But our weekly survey on absenteeism and supply issues related to Covid-19 is different – because it really matters.

Firstly, it helps us identify emerging issues and give members a useful weekly overview of the sector.

It’s also an opportunity to raise the industry's profile and engage with government by providing them with up-to-date information they can integrate into their business continuity monitoring activity. For example, we know this information is highly valued by the team in Defra dealing with the arable sector.

Things can change very quickly, which is why it is important we read, interpret – and at times investigate – weekly variations. And because Covid-19 can have different impact on businesses depending on their size and location, your contribution in filling in the survey is hugely valuable.

So please keep on filling in the boxes, and if there are other questions that you would like included in the survey please let us know.


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