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Bread and Flour Regs: An update

From recent conversations with Defra we understand that the government is planning to publish a couple of consultations on the UK Bread and Flour Regulations.

The first, expected to be launched in late autumn, will concern the removal of mutual recognition clauses – in other words, the possibility of importing unfortified flour from EEA countries.

This consultation should also provide the government with the opportunity to clarify that providing unfortified flour to manufacture goods for export is acceptable.

The second, a fuller consultation on the Regulations, should take place later in 2021. From this we expect the government to bring forward proposals on revised levels of fortificants in flour (possibly aligning UK levels to those of the EU) and on the addition of folic acid.

nabim has an ongoing dialogue with Defra officials and continues to push for further clarity on aspects such as the post-exit regulatory status of the Northern Ireland Bread and Flour Regulations, if this legislation will be mutually recognised by the EU, and if there will be a consultation.


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