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R&D seminar goes virtual

This year’s UK Flour Millers R&D seminar is moving online and being split over two days - Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 March 2021. The aims are to disseminate and distil the latest research affecting the milling industry, from grain to loaf.

The event is free for UK Flour Millers members to attend and you can register here. If you would like to attend both sessions you will need to book a ticket for each day.

Event programme

Day 1

10th March 10:00 – 11:15

Milling wheat and contaminants

The session for the day features the following presentations:

  • Gene editing opportunities for UK milling wheat – Prof Huw Jones (Aberystwyth University)

  • Understanding the carbon footprint of milling wheat – Dr Daniel Kindred (ADAS)

  • Management of ergot alkaloid contamination – Camille Moreau (Phytocontrol)

Day 2

1th March 10:00 – 11:15

Nutrition and food processing

The session for the day features the following presentations:

  • Ultra-processed foods: Research, headlines and consumer views – Bridget Benelam (British Nutrition Foundation)

  • Improving the glycaemic response to white bread without affecting taste – Dr Cathrina Edwards (Quadram Institute)

  • Developing coeliac-friendly gluten whilst maintaining functionality – Dr Miguel Ribeiro (University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro)

Reasons to join

  • Gain insight into the policy issues on the horizon and how they could affect your business

  • Learn about the latest food processing research affecting flour and finished product

  • Ask questions to leading researchers and policy experts

Who should join

  • technical sales people

  • policy officers

  • technical managers

  • laboratory workers

  • correspondence course students

You can register for either day or both events – but please note you will require two separate tickets.


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