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Students flock to virtual mill

August proved to be a busy month in the Virtual Mill, with revision tutorials attracting students from around the world.

Students from as far afield as Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia and North America have all taken advantage of online sessions held at the Mill, which includes a testing lab, intake facility, screen room, packing line and meeting rooms, following each stage from wheat delivery to flour dispatch.

And feedback has been universally positive, with students expressing the view that the tutorial had helped them not only in improving their understanding of the subject matter but also as motivation in the revision process.

All students during the 2020-21 course session will have the opportunity to attend up to three virtual tutorials during the year, and it is hoped that they will take the course-long opportunity to visit the virtual mill, with or without their mentors, on many more occasions.

Meanwhile the long-delayed 2020 exam despatch took place in the last week of August. If mills have not received their exam package by 4 September, please contact Nigel Bennett immediately.

The main despatch for the 2020-21 course session will take place in the first week of September, with study packs finding their way to students in the UK and across the world.

This year, because of the delayed exams, we will be accepting enrolments up until the end of November.


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