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With Brexit- and Covid-related issues no longer being the only items on our agenda, it’s now time to look at our next challenges. And, not surprisingly, environment and sustainability stand out as significant areas for policy development.

Flour milling is part of a broader supply chain and it is key we work with our suppliers and customers to increase our understanding of how to encourage sustainable initiatives. There is pressure from the UK government, the EU Commission as well as customers to be part of the ‘net zero’ ambition; to be able to communicate environmental targets in a consistent way, to develop strategies and invest resources to help implementing a circular economy.

Whilst we recognise that most member companies of UK Flour Millers have developed their own commitments to reduce the environmental impact, it is equally important we have a voice in this debate as a sector.

It is with this in mind that UK Flour Millers have decided to re-launch the Environment Working Group. This will provide a forum for discussion on sustainability-related matters where we will decide our priorities, discuss the need for a sector environmental policy, understand how to align environmental policies within the supply chain and how to make sure everyone in the chain gets the deserved credit for its efforts and investment.

Ultimately, we should aim to have achievable and measurable targets and be able to share with our stakeholders a picture of the sector as well as of our suppliers’ efforts towards reducing the environmental impact.

Should you wish to have a representative of your company on this working group or would like to discuss this subject, please get in touch directly with Alex Costigliola. The first meeting of the working group will take place mid-May.


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