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Wheat supplies: still in the news

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

NB: This is an image from the video, BBC copyright means we are unable to share the video footage.

UK Flour Millers has been approached many times for comment in the past month as the media explores what the Russian invasion of Ukraine might mean for market prices and grain availability.

Thanks very much to members who have been able to respond. There have been excellent articles and explainers on various channels including BBC Breakfast (an honourable mention to GR Wright for allowing the cameras in) and ITV news.

We have been at pains to point out that the UK produces most of the wheat we use, and imports come mainly from Canada and Germany. So, while costs may have risen steeply, there are not immediate concerns about supply.

The most recent briefing can be found on our website here. There is also increasing interest in the implications for the 2022 harvest as fertiliser costs continue to rise steeply. If farmers reduce applications there will be implications for the availability and cost of wheat, especially higher protein supplies.


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