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Accident data report

Associate member benefits

Audit and accreditation scheme

Audit and accreditiation standard

Briefing document - IED

Briefing document - allergens

Briefing document - assurance and traceability of wheat and flour

Briefing document - heavy metals in flour

Briefing document - pesticide residues in DON

Briefing document - pesticide residues in wheat and flour

Briefing document - pesticides for use in T2 HT2

Briefing document - pesticides for use in grain storage

Code of practice at mill intake

Course guide 2021/22

DSEAR: A review of changes

Ems guide

Enrolment form UK non member

Enrolment form overseas

Exam Only - Member

Exam Only - Overseas

F&F leaflet / infographic

Flours for homebaking

HSD Safety B: Management of electrical equipment in hazardous areas

HSD Safety D: Series overview

Market Report June 2020

Psocid booklet

Register of H&S legislation 2020

Safety data sheet - wheat flour 2019

UK bread position paper - acrylamide

Wheat Guide 2021

Wheat guide 2020

Wheat hypersensitivity Report

Wheat usage by UK Millers

case study template (H&S)

AHDB Understanding carbon footprinting for oilseeds and cereals

Advanced milling diploma aims and objectives

Audit and accreditation protocol

Audit and accreditiation checklist

Briefing document - AHDB contaminant monitoring project

Briefing document - acrylamide

Briefing document - aluminium in flour

Briefing document - carbon footprinting of flour

Briefing document - microbiological conditions of white flour

Briefing document - pesticide residues in ergot

Briefing document - pesticides for use in OTA


Briefing document - pesticides for use in ZON

CSR Document from 2007 -

Combinable crops passport

DSEAR approved code of practice

Deliveries to flour mills infographic

Enrolment form Member

Enrolment form member/uk/overseas

Environment survey (2012)


Exam Only - Non Member UK

Exam results 2021

Pass list for flour milling exams sat in May 2021

F&F leaflet 2021

Find out more about the flour millling industry and the central role that flour plays in feeding and nourishing the nation

HSD Safety A: Mechanical ignition risk assessment methodology

HSD Safety C: Management of change - explosion risk in management

Market Report July 2020

Market Report Sept 2020

Recommended code of practice

Register of environmental legislation (2020)

The explosibility of flour, gluten and wheat dust

Wheat Guide

Wheat and flour testing

Wheat guide 2020

Wheat market briefing, 02 February 2021

Commentary on the current global and local wheat markets

Worldwide wheat production and consumption