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Representing UK Flour Millers for almost 150 years

Flour is used as an ingredient in about a third of foods produced; 99.8% of UK households buy bread [i]; plus, it provides significant quantities of essential vitamins and minerals [ii]. Keeping the industry operational is therefore of national importance. As the trade association for the industry, UK Flour Millers is dedicated to supporting our members to maintain sustainable supplies of flour.

About 85% of the wheat we use is from the UK, and on average flour millers use 5 million tonnes of wheat each year - one-third of all the wheat grown in Great Britain.

Flour mills operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that bakeries, food manufacturers, restaurants, and retailers have the flour they need to make food for the nation.

Flour mills generate almost no waste. Virtually all our ingredients are used to make food for people to eat, with any by-products used to make animal food.



The UK has some of the most modern flour mills in the world, and people from more than 50 countries follow our training courses to become better millers.


Membership of the Association covers almost all UK roller flour mills and is governed by an Executive Committee. Our Executive is representative of member companies from multinationals to family-run businesses. A President is elected at the AGM, normally for a term of two years, along with the Vice President and Treasurer. Several other committees, again with memberships drawn from across the industry, deal with specific areas of activity and are the main mechanism for discussion and development of policy.

[i] 99.8% of UK households purchase bread (Kantar worldpanel); 30% grocery products in big four supermarkets contains flour, (Data by Ascential)
[ii] National Diet and Nutrition Survey

About Us

2023 Annual Review

Flour mills supply an essential ingredient that nourishes the nation. Learn more about 2023 key statistics, industry information and lessons, and our look ahead for 2024.

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UK Flour Millers supports its members  by:

⮞ Facilitating reliable, sustainable, and affordable supplies

      of wheat and other essential production inputs.

⮞ Enhancing the skills base within the industry through

      training programmes and relevant qualifications.

⮞ Promoting good practice with regard to health and safety.

⮞ Providing a first point of contact for the public or press to

      seek information regarding flour and milling.

⮞ Promoting the quality, benefits, and safety of flour and


⮞ Communicating with organisations representing other

      links in the supply chain.

⮞ Communicating with and influencing government and

      other regulatory authorities to promote the interests of

      our own industry and of our customers.

⮞ Providing a suitable environment for discussion of 

      relevant and legitimate topics, both within the industry

      and with other relevant organisations.

⮞ Co-ordinating and investing in technical collaboration

      when this is in the interests of the milling industry and its

      customers, especially with regard to food safety.

⮞ Anticipating threats to the industry and helping members

      deal with these.

Our office at 21 Arlington Street, Green Park
has been the home of the UK milling industry since 1948.
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Membership of UK Flour Millers is open to all commercial flour milling businesses in the UK and Ireland.
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