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What the association does

The industry plays a vital role in feeding and nourishing the nation in terms of the quantity and range of the foods produced with flour, and also the significant nutritional contribution provided by foods made with flour. 12,000 product lines in a typical full service supermarket would contain flour - the table below shows what percentage of food items in certain categories contain flour. The second table shows what percentage of each nutrient is, on average, derived from eating flour. Ensuring that the industry operates efficiently and reliably is therefore of crucial national importance and UK Flour Millers is proud of the part it plays in achieving this outcome.


As a trade association, UK Flour Millers sits at the heart of the industry. Our role as a representative body for the industry includes collating and sharing the collective view and position of our members. As the industry voice we speak on behalf of our members to government, policy makers, the media and other stakeholders. This covers representation on trade issues, including trade relations with other countries, the EU, Canada, USA; work to help secure the supply of competitively priced raw materials for our customers and consumers; help for our members on analysis and technical standards when these are best dealt with collectively; representation on industry bodies such as AHDB and Red Tractor Boards. We also deliver bespoke training programmes for the industry and work to ensure the highest standards of health and safety.

A selection of our current activities are outlined on the following pages. If you would like further information on a topic not presented here please do get in touch as our activity is not limited to the below.

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