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Facts about fibre

Flour and fibre are intrinsically connected – wheat flours contain fibre. Fibre is important to people’s everyday lives, as there are many health benefits associated with eating the recommended amount of daily fibre. UK Flour Millers supports consumers trying to increase their fibre intake to meet the recommendation while supporting flour mills and millers whose efforts help produce flour- and fibre-filled foods for consumers and businesses alike.

Currently, no age group is eating the targeted amount of fibre, and for the majority of each age group, fibre intake is well below the recommendation.


According to the NHS, the amount of fibre needed daily is:

  • 30g for adults

  • 25g for 11–16-year-olds

  • 20g for 5–11-year-olds

  • 15g for 2–5-year-olds


FAB Flour, or Flour Advisory Bureau which is UK Flour Millers’ consumer-facing and flour-forward initiative, works in tandem with flour millers’ efforts to share important information with people across the United Kingdom about the importance of fibre in their everyday lives.

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Fibre February 2024 - Myths and truths - Infographic - v1.png

Click below to download the infographic 

Click below to download the infographic 

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