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Events & Meetings
  • Fri, 10 Mar
    Zoom webinar
    This session aims to provide background to the specific recruitment challenges facing milling companies today, along with a breakdown of the industries the sector is competing against. Attendees will leave with some tips and ideas of how to attract talent to their businesses
  • Fri, 10 Feb
    Zoom webinar
    This session will draw on a range of data sources to provide a holistic picture of what consumers understand about fibre, how they talk about it on social media and how much they enjoy eating it.
  • Fri, 02 Dec
    UK Flour Millers webinar Consumer behaviour
    A horizon scanning event focussing on the consumer of the future and the values that drive food choices and purchase behaviour.
  • Thu, 01 Dec
    As in previous years, the seminar will bring together experts to share knowledge on research and policy developments, ranging from updates on wheat breeding and contaminants to flour processing and nutrition.
  • Fri, 11 Nov
    Zoom webinar
    In this talk, Liz Bartram will share some of the gems of the archive, reveal some recent discoveries and discuss what is important to you and what you'd like to see the Trust doing.
  • Fri, 14 Oct
    UK Flour Millers webinar: Food safety
    We will be joined by Food Standards agency, who will present on the priority food safety issues for which miller-FSA engagement is expected in the coming years.
  • Tue, 11 Oct
    UK Flour Millers webinar: Homebaking market
    A must for everyone connected to the sale of retail flour Along with data from the current market, this session will also explore the direction of travel and review the impact of previous recessions have had on homebaking behaviour.
  • Fri, 09 Sept
    UK Flour Millers webinar: Wheat harvest
    The session will cover the condition and prospect of the 2022 wheat harvest, along with insights on global drivers that impact both price and supply.
  • Fri, 08 Jul
    UK Flour Millers webinar: Cyber security
    We will be joined by the Food Sectory Lead from the government's National Cyber Security Centre, who will be sharing knowledge and practical advice on cyber security including staying safe; minimising risk; and responding to threats
  • Thu, 05 May
    UK Flour Millers webinar: Food trends
    We will be joined by Charles Banks of the Food People who will be sharing research on current food trends with an emphasis on sustainability and the plant-based category.
  • Fri, 22 Apr
    Zoom webinar
    Will a strategic review of policy, because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, result in a change of direction in government policies?
  • Fri, 18 Mar
    Zoom webinar
    According to international statistics, the UK is falling behind competitors in terms of the productivity of our farms and manufacturing. The government is keen to encourage investment that might address this “productivity gap”.
  • Tue, 01 Mar
    Huntingdon Marriott Hotel
    The Milling Wheat Conference recognises innovation and excellence in milling wheat production and brings together the supply chain to ensure quality throughout production, from variety to loaf. The event also incorporates the YEN Wheat Quality Awards.
  • Fri, 28 Jan
    Online Zoom webinar
    This webinar will look at ongoing research by plant breeders to increase the fibre content of wheat as well as reviewing some of the science and general thinking around fibre, wholemeal and wholegrain
  • Fri, 03 Dec
    Online Zoom webinar
    Be better informed as a result, and better placed to consider implications for your business
  • Fri, 05 Nov
    Online Zoom webinar
    The role of refined grains in the diet with a look at fortification, nutrient density, whole grains, fibre consumer awareness and consumer choice
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