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Events & Meetings
  • Fri, 05 Nov
    Online Zoom webinar
    The role of refined grains in the diet with a look at fortification, nutrient density, whole grains, fibre consumer awareness and consumer choice
  • Time is TBD
    Online Zoom webinar
    Be better informed as a result, and better placed to consider implications for your business
  • Fri, 15 Oct
    Online Zoom webinar
    A must for everyone connected to the sale of retail flour, this session will review the homebaking market. Along with insight into the direction of travel before Covid, we will also explore the impact of lockdowns and any associated learnings as well as a look at any lasting changes and future
  • Fri, 08 Oct
    Online Zoom webinar
    The content of the webinar has been informed by the findings of our most recent accident survey so has been designed to specifically target problem areas in the flour milling industry. Presentations will focus on minimising manual handling injuries and fall prevention
  • Fri, 24 Sept
    Online Zoom webinar
    An exploration at the 2021 UK crop in terms of size and quality as well as how this fits into the wider picture, as well as a look at the global cereals market in 2021/22