Careers in the UK flour milling industry

There are many different careers within the UK flour milling industry and many benefits of working in it. In one way or another nearly everyone in the UK purchases flour[i]; and it is a significant source of a range of vitamins and minerals[ii]. That’s quite some super-hero status – to both feed and nourish the nation.

Flour milling businesses subscribe to an ethos of innovation and continual development and the sector has a long history of investment in both monitoring and research projects, some going back over a century. This helps future proof the industry and provides a cutting edge workplace.

Careers in the industry are not limited to flour miller; also vital to the smooth running of mills are engineers, food scientists, nutritionists, lab workers, marketeers, accountants and hauliers – among others. A potential big draw to new recruits is that salaries within the flour milling industry are above the average norm for food manufacturing and on a par with advanced engineering sectors such as aerospace.

Other evidence of the industry’s commitment in investing in people is the comprehensive training packages offered – with over 95% of employees having studied on the bespoke flour milling distance learning programme.

[i] 99.8% of UK households purchase bread (Kantar worldpanel); 30% grocery products in big four supermarkets contains flour, (Data by Ascential)
[ii] National Diet and Nutrition Survey

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Flour plays a vital role in feeding and nourishing the nation through breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. On weekdays, birthdays, holidays and matchdays

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