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21st century women in the milling industry

The Engineer: Aaya Mohammed

Aaya Mohammed got her job at ADM Milling in Corby after responding to an online advert. But the 23-year-old engineer admits that she did so without knowing anything about the industry – or that it had a place for graduates such as herself.

“Studying at Loughborough University I’d always been interested in the field of energy and cost saving,” she says. “And when I saw the role advertised I knew it would be ideal for me.

“But while I knew the basics of how flour was produced, I never thought that milling had this whole other side to it, or that they’d be looking for someone with my background as an engineer.”

Aaya says that while most of her fellow graduates automatically gravitated towards the established engineering route, few if any were aware that milling was an option.

“The impression is that it’s a small, traditionally family-run industry. But in reality it’s at the cutting edge of food production technology.”

Aaya has been involved in a major project to expand production at the site, which should be complete by early 2022. “I’ve effectively taken the role of project engineer, working with management and contractors on the safety side of things.

“It’s fantastic to be a part of this next phase of the mill’s development, and I’m still learning as I go along.”

The Engineer: Aaya Mohammed

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