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4B Braime Components Ltd
4B Braime Components Ltd

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4B Braime Components Ltd

4B has the world’s largest range of elevator components, leading the field in elevator bucket and bolt design and manufacturing the highest quality forged chain and elevator belting.
4B’s electronics division specializes in level controls, intelligent sensors and safety control
systems that prevent costly downtime and minimize the risk of explosion in hazardous areas.
With over 130 years of engineering experience and subsidiaries in America, Europe, Africa and Asia along with a worldwide network of distributors, 4B can provide practical solutions for any application no matter the location.
4B also offer a free design service for new or existing bucket elevators and chain conveyors and technical support from a team of specialised engineers.

4B’s range includes:

The World’s Largest Range of Elevator Buckets and Components
• Elevator buckets, made from pressed seamless steel, stainless steel and welded steel, high density polyethylene, nylon and polyurethane
• A full range of belting and belt fasteners for both bucket elevators and conveyors, including FDA, high temperature and steel web belting.
• Elevator bolts, including Euro Bolts (Din 15237), Easifit Bolts, Ref 70 Bolts and Fang Bolts

Forged Conveyor Chain & Sprockets
A complete line of drop forged chain and accessories designed for all conveying needs.
4B’s drop forged chain is made of special heat treated alloy steel case hardened to Rockwell C57 - C62 with a ductile core hardness of Rockwell C40. 4B’s superior heat treatment technique provides the optimum chain link with a more resilient ductile core for shock resistance, and an extremely hard exterior surface for superior wear resistance.
4B offer the following chain pitches as standard: 102NA, 125NA, 142NA, 142HA, 150NA, 160NA, 175NA, 200NA, 216NA, 250NA, 260NA. 4B also offer double and triple links for heavy duty applications.

4B’s revolutionary Bolt ‘n’ Go assembly system for drop forged chains – which uses bolt-on flights instead of welding - is becoming ever more popular with customers for its flexibility, reliability and low maintenance.

Hazard Monitoring Systems & Level Controls
Preventative maintenance can help reduce the risk of equipment failure and consequent downtime. When it comes to monitoring bucket elevators and conveyors, 4B can recommend the ideal combination of sensors and monitoring systems to suit their customers’ requirements and budget.
4B has an extensive range of ATEX / CSA / IECEx / EACEx / CCC approved hazard monitoring systems, misalignment switches, bearing temperature monitors and level controls. 4B can offer you anything from a replacement sensor to a fully integrated hazard monitoring system which can be operated either as a stand-alone system or connected to your PLC.
4B can offer scalable solutions starting with correctly chosen equipment and systems that can be expanded at a later date to encompass other machines in the plant.
4B provides installation service and after-sales technical support to help you overcome any technical problems with the monitoring equipment.

• Belt underspeed monitors
• Belt misalignment indicators
• Bearing temperature systems
• Plug chute sensors
• Pulley misalignment detectors
• Gate position and control
• Bin level indicators

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