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Limagrain UK Ltd
Limagrain UK Ltd

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Limagrain UK Ltd

The LG brand is the strategic global brand of Limagrain Field Seeds. LG has been serving farmers with premium seeds for over 50 years and is present across 6 continents and all major crops.
The fourth largest seed company worldwide, Limagrain is an agricultural cooperative owned by French farmers and an international seed group. As a creator and producer of plant varieties, Limagrain markets field seeds, amenity seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal ingredients and bakery products.
Everything that we do has farmers at the heart of it. We are a company created and owned by farmers and Limagrain Field Seeds exists to supply farmers with the best genetics so they can be as profitable as possible. Limagrain Field Seeds is unique among global seed companies to have this model of farmer ownership and leadership and it is something, for which we are incredibly proud.
Limagrain UK has dedicated breeding programmes in Rothwell, Lincolnshire and Woolpit, Suffolk, developing new varieties of barley, wheat, oilseeds, pulses and fodder. We also market extensive portfolios of maize, pulses, sugar beet, agricultural and amenity grasses, gamecover and environmental crops. Our Woolpit site has been responsible for breeding wheat varieties such as LG Skyscraper, Crusoe and Claire.
For further information:, or search @LGSeedsUK on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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