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Openfield Group Ltd
Openfield Group Ltd

Honeypot Lane



NG33 5LY

01476 862759

Openfield Group Ltd

Openfield is proud to be Britain’s only national grain marketing and arable inputs co-operative. It is owned by around 4,000 British
farmers who work to supply British grain to some of the biggest and most well-known brands in the UK. Openfield proudly supports
British grain for British food and drink.
Openfield are frequently the largest UK exporters of grain and have the knowledge and skills to be able to supply grain to any
global destination to meet any customers' specification.
In addition to marketing grain for farmers and grain stores, Openfield is a National fertiliser distributor and manufactures and sells
quality seed. Openfield is also a member of the Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS) and a member of the Agricultural
Industries Confederation.

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