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Advancing Diplomatically

Having waited patiently for a year or more for the commencement of the fifth running of our Advanced Milling Diploma programme, the six candidates have successfully negotiated their way through the challenging Unit 1 (Technical) week at CampdenBRI; the feedback from both candidates and presenters has been very positive. Over five days, the candidates received presentations and engaged in practicals, covering a wide range of topics within cereal science and flour functionality.

Amongst many other subjects they learned of endosperm texture, protein characteristics, starch properties and their interaction with milling, enzyme systems, dough rheology, cake batters, breadmaking and other flour products. In addition, they studied the analysis and reporting of scientific data, which will stand them in good stead when they conduct their Unit 3 research projects next year.

In the meantime, they are looking forward to their Unit 2 (Operations) week at the Buhler Training Centre in January/February 2022.


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