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Bread and Flour Regulations


At the beginning of February, Defra published the first of two consultations relating to the bread and flour regulations in England.

The purpose of this first consultation is to review national rules for compositional standards not only for bread and flour, but also for jam and similar products, and products containing meat.

The first consultation point is the removal the recognition clause. For the milling sector this would mean that, if removed, unfortified flour will no longer be allowed to be imported from EU countries and bread and flour imported from the EU will have to meet the requirements of the BFR.

The second is the proposal to introduce an option allowing production of unfortified flour to be made in England, provided that it is destined for export, and allow unfortified flour to be imported into England provided that it is only used as an ingredient in a product for the export market.

This means that flour millers would be able to legally sell unfortified flour produced in England to manufacturers using that flour in products that will be exported.

UK Flour Millers will be responding to the consultation which closes on 22 March. The full overview of the consultation can be accessed here.


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