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Last year the government announced its intention to review the ban on the use of imperial units for sales and marking, as part of a wider announcement of a range of regulatory post-Brexit reforms.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has now launched a consultation aimed at identifying how the government can “give more choice to businesses and consumers over the units of measurement they use for trade”.

The review focuses on the use of units of measurement in domestic trade but acknowledges that metric units remain essential for both science and international trade; this could be a problem in itself. The short consultation has a handful of questions for consumers, businesses and trading standards.

From businesses, the consultation seeks to understand the likely uptake of selling solely in imperial measures, or in imperial units with a less prominent metric equivalent; and the costs and benefits related to both options. It also asks for businesses views on potential impacts to their customer base and suppliers.

UK Flour Millers will respond to the consultation and is happy to hear from both members and associate members so feel free to share your thoughts via email

The consultation paper can be accessed here.


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