Digital boom as nabim goes viral

Lockdown life has resulted in a huge increase in audience numbers across nabim’s digital channels.

As baking enjoyed a resurgence as a national pastime, and online searches for recipes and where to buy flour increased exponentially, we saw over 340,000 visitors in April alone.

The increase is also attributed to the fact that many home-schooling parents have been looking for easy-to-use teaching materials.

nabim utilises a range of identities and digital channels to reach and serve our different target audiences. These include:

  • nabim for industry and government stakeholders

  • FAB for consumer groups

  • Food a Fact of Life for schools and education

While it was inevitable that our digital footprint would expand during lockdown, what has been especially pleasing is that our rates of engagement across all channels have remained steady and in places even increased. Priya Nicholas, Communications manager , nabim

YouTube is probably the channel that covers the widest spectrum, as the most popular videos work for consumer, school and stakeholder audiences. Nearly all top 10 videos are achieving more than 50% watch-rate.

The most responsive medium has proved to be Twitter, enabling nabim to address issues in something close to real time. “As interest moves on, so does the use of the channel,” Priya said. “It seemed to work well with our more static media, which is good news, and we have recently had national journalists reaching out to us for stories and comment based on the content of our Twitter feed.”

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