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It’s not too late to enrol – but if you want to take part in our distance learning courses then act now! This year’s study packs will start going out to the mentors of our distance learning students in the first week of September.

Along with the textbooks and workbooks, the packs will include information on the new Virtual Mill and the tutorials which will be held within it over the course year.

We are currently working with member companies to overcome any firewall-related issues with operating the Virtual Mill, but it’s our intention that mentors will be invited to book an induction session to be held during the fortnight commencing September 13 – so look out for further details, to be released later this month.

Whilst these sessions will introduce the new Virtual Mill to mentors, just as important will be the feedback provided by mentors, which will influence how development of the mill progresses.

The new Virtual Mill will be opened up to all our students from October 1.


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