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Fibre February

Last year’s Fibre February campaign proved a huge success, and we hope to build on that this year. Our key aim in 2021 is to encourage people to think about increasing fibre intake by making small swaps – such as amending recipes to include wholemeal flour, choosing 50:50, seeded or wholemeal bread products.

Our activity includes media outreach to consumer press with bespoke recipes, including some developed by registered nutritionists. Last year, our media outreach with recipes exceeded all KPIs and we have made recipes our main form of reaching media.

Taking the message into schools, we have adapted our 2020 fibre activity pack and will be demonstrating and emphasising how the resources are particularly well suited to remote learning.

We’ll be pressing home the message in a newsletter to more than 13,000 people registered on the Food a Fact of Life programme, as well as being housed in their remote learning hub, promoted on the homepage of the FFL website and featured in their social media posts.

Additionally, we are working with the Food Teachers Centre, a very active Facebook group for food teachers. The aims of this partnership are to encourage uptake of the activities and to prompt and respond to conversations around the fibre resources and the messages behind them. Again, the campaign and the activity pack will be communicated via relevant newsletters, but the main feature is the promotion, engagement and social strokes to help spark conversation and uptake of the student activities.

Regular social media partnerships also focus on making small tweaks to increase fibre intake. We are working with a mixture of nutritionists and lifestyle influencers to support the campaign. We are also sponsoring a podcast by a group of nutritionists, supporting a ‘bakealong’ and and running a live ‘bakealong’ event.


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