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Haulage concerns mount

The haulage issues facing the food manufacturing and other sectors have been significant and there are concerns they will worsen in the build-up to Christmas.

UK Flour Millers has been engaging with government and supply chain colleagues to discuss the problems and solutions. Officials have been increasing the speed at which HGV licenses are processed, and also at making it easier for foreign HGV drivers to work in the UK.

UK Flour Millers and other in the supply chain are discussing whether government could increase the vehicle weight limit from 44t to 48t, to make haulage more efficient, rather than only focusing on how to increase driver numbers, which will be a longer-term process.

The bi-annual delivery survey was brought forward to October this year, so the secretariat will be prepared with a dataset that could be discussed with officials as soon as possible. All members are encouraged to participate in this survey. As a reminder the deadline for submitting results is Monday 08 November 2021.


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