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Mungoswells are the pride of Scotland

Mungoswells have been given national recognition for their “inspired” response to increased flour demand during the Covid pandemic.

In order to maximise production, the North Berwick-based farm and mill concentrated on producing an 85 per cent extraction brown flour instead of separate white and wholemeal. The decision to mill just one grade of flour both simplified and sped up production to address a big backlog of orders with a nutritious and tasty solution for local suppliers and customers.

As a result, the mill – which grows much of its own conventional and organic grain – has been named one of the UK’s “Bread Heroes” in the annual awards organised by the World Bread Awards after receiving dozens of nominations.

“They have grafted non-stop throughout lockdown to supply their loyal community, meaning the shelves of our high street greengrocers and wholefoods shops were never empty,” said one of their nominators, Hannah Ewan, ‘It is in large part due to their unceasing hard work that we didn’t have the shortages seen in so many places.”

Mungoswells initially built a small maltings in 2008 to take their own barley and wheat and convert it to malt ready for brewers and distillers to make beer or whisky.

Having subsequently bought a mill to crush malt, they now have a facility which enables them to mill wheat to produce flour. Being partly organic and having the maltings had enabled them to produce a wide range of flours such at Malted Wheat Flour and the more common flours such as bread and plain flour.


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