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Post-transition labelling instructions: so far

While a definitive set of instructions has yet to be confirmed, here is what we do know about on-pack labelling for pre-packed products destined for Europe and/or Northern Ireland once we leave the EU on December 31.

  • Pre-packaged food must have an EU address for the Food Business Operator (FBO) or EU importer on the packaging or food label, in addition to the address in the UK.

  • If a product is destined to for both UK and European markets, the label should carry both an EU and a UK address. If the address is in Northern Ireland, we understand it will continue to be valid for the whole of the UK and will also be a valid EU address.

  • Make sure you provide a physical address within the EU; a web address or email can be included in addition, but not instead of the physical address.

  • Food placed on the EU market before 1 January 2021 can continue to be sold, distributed or transferred in the EU without labelling changes.

  • UK food will no longer be allowed to be labelled as “Origin EU”. It will also no longer be legal to use the EU emblem, unless authorised by the EU to do so.

  • If the UK achieves equivalence, either via the Free Trade Agreement or via individual control body recognition, then the EU organic logo may remain on GB organic goods. As NI will continue to apply the EU regulations, the EU organic logo can remain on NI organic goods. UK organic control body logos may continue to be used no matter what the outcome is in GB and NI.


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