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Profile: Aleksandra Pietwalska

Since joining the team at Whitworth’s, auditor Aleksandra Pietwalska has grasped opportunities for career advancement with both hands.

Aleksandra Pietwalska has a simple, one-word description for her first introduction to the flour milling industry: “Mindblowing!”

“I never thought how it could be so complex,” she says. “In fact, for the first few months I didn’t think I was right for the job.”

That was four years ago – and since then Polish-born Aleksandra’s early doubts have been well and truly dispelled. As an internal auditor with Whitworth Bros in Wellingborough, she plays a vital role conducting internal quality and food safety audits, supporting external customer and third-party audits, and assisting with education and training of staff in quality and food safety activities.

“It’s a job where every day brings new and different challenges,” she days. “Milling is very overwhelming and fascinating at the same time.

“I thought that I wouldn't be able to understand the process. However, I have overcome fear of the unknown with the fantastic support of my colleagues that were and are so patient, understanding, knowledgeable and always have time for me.”

Aleksandra arrived in the UK 15 years ago, and began her career working behind the scenes in a chicken factory. But when she saw the position at Whitworths advertised, it immediately clicked.

“I was not familiar with milling, but I am ambitious and the job description offered future development and promotion within the company,” she says.

Working for the company has certainly allowed her to advance: since joining she has achieved ILM level 3 with distinction and is currently working towards achieving Level 4 Continuous Improvement Practitioner.

“My proudest moment is every time I am asked to stand in for the manufacturing manager, achieving a task or overcoming a challenge together with a team,” Aleksandra says.

Outside of work, the 33-year-old from Daventry has her hands equally full with her son Odin, five, who she describes with a smile as “very active”.

“We like hiking, running and outdoor activities – anything to try and tire him out!”


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