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Recommended List wheat varieties

The UK Flour Millers

Varieties Working Group (VWG) met on 11 November to determine the final grouping for Recommended List candidate breadmaking and biscuit wheats. As has been the case in recent years, there were a number of promising Group 3 (soft/biscuit wheat) candidates, but no winter breadmaking wheats were given the Group 1 rating.

An issue with sample variability meant that spring wheat analyses were repeated. The VWG quickly gathered another set of data that allowed the final ratings for the spring breadmaking wheats to be discussed and agreed on 26 November. Two varieties were awarded the Group 1 rating after impressing the VWG with their strong gluten qualities, although some variability in baking performance was seen over the years of testing.

The new AHDB Recommended List (2022/23) launched on 29 November and can be accessed here:


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