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Statement on supply of retail flour: No need to panic buy

UK millers have reassured the public that stricter Covid lockdown measures – and the return of the Great British Bake-Off – will not result in shortages of flour this autumn.

The message comes following reports of renewed panic-buying following the government’s latest announcement on increased restrictions, as well as the prospect of price increases due to a disappointing wheat harvest this year.

Urging shoppers to resist the temptation to panic buy, the National Association of British and Irish Millers (nabim) says that mills have been running 24-hour production operations since lockdown was first imposed in March and that flour supplies are not under threat.

nabim director general Alex Waugh says: “We would like to reassure customers that there is no shortage of flour in the UK. We know that people enjoy baking during the Bake-Off season and lockdown, and UK flour mills and packing lines are increasing output to meet this added demand.

“Panic buying causes snags and disruption in the supply chain, so we urge consumers to help out by buying flour only as they need it.”

Earlier this year shortages of household flour in shops and supermarkets was attributed to the demand for 1.5kg bags, rather than a lack of flour, as the public embraced home-baking.


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