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UK Flour Millers still taking the lead

In the wake of the 2016 referendum UK Flour Millers – nabim as it then was – took the lead in convening a new group to engage with DEFRA and other governments.

Originally called the Brexit Arable Group, this is now known as the Arable Chain Advisory Group (ACAG) and is still chaired by UK Flour Millers. It includes representation from Northern Ireland, Scotland Wales and England and covers the entire the supply chain, from farming and grain trading to primary and secondary processing such as milling baking.

(There is a parallel group for livestock and a third food and drink round table, which covers the remainder of the sector. UK Flour Millers is an active contributor to the broader food and drink discussion group.)

In 2020, during the peak period of Brexit preparations and the Covid pandemic, ACAG’s weekly meetings were a key forum for exchange between business and government on matters affecting our sector. Questions raised with officials from DEFRA, HMRC and other government departments are usually followed up and answered either during meetings or by correspondence.

ACAG It now meets every four weeks, but still fulfils the same role. Food and Farming minister Victoria Prentis will be attending this month’s meeting.

Through leadership and active participation in groups like ACAG, UK Flour Millers is able to amplify the association’s voice, build alliances and do a better job in representing members’ interests.


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