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Virtual storm over mill "safety" concerns

UK Flour Millers has recently been engaged with both DEFRA and the HSE on the legal and safe operation of its Virtual Mill.

The move comes amid unwarranted concerns that it has neither been properly registered under Rules of Origin legislation, nor constructed with sufficient regard to safety.

DEFRA official Livi Tramull has warned that the construction of the mill in an American environment – with equipment supplied from both Switzerland and Japan – means that from July 31 UK Flour Millers may be required to register for third party status.

If it does not do so, then students would not be allowed to cross the virtual “national border” into the Mill, unless they were based in one of the three aforementioned countries.

Meanwhile, the HSE’s Daisy Farpolol has written with questions about explosion relief and the non-availability of hi-vis vests and other PPE, claiming “failure to respond promptly and positively” would lead to a prohibition notice being issued and the Mill being forced to close.

Loader, Old, Shoemaker and Shoemaker, UK Flour Millers’ legal representatives, do not believe either of these cases would stand up in court. We shall keep members informed of developments throughout the remaining 29 days of this month.


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