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Three UK Flour Millers webinars were held in October, on a diverse range of subjects relevant to the milling industry.

On October 6, a UK Flour Millers -AHDB webinar gave a run-through of the prototype digital grain passport. This had great attendance and engagement from members, with operational staff from mills directly posing questions to the team at AHDB developing this system.

We were joined by senior market analyst, Rebecca Gladman from AHDB who presented to the PPFC and guests on the homebaking market, with particular emphasis on how previous recessions have influenced sales of items within the homebaking category.

On October 14, members received a presentation from Craig Jones, senior policy advisor at the FSA, regarding the GB regulatory process for contaminants of concern for the milling industry, including ergot alkaloids and acrylamide.

Members can access the slides and recordings here


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