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Advanced Milling Diploma

The advanced Milling Diploma is a course run by UKFM every three years. It is designed to further the development of those who have completed the distance learning programme and are now ready to take on additional challenges. It involves two intensive weeks – one at Campden BRI and one at the Buhler Milling Academy, Switzerland followed by a research project into an area of technical, operational or technological importance to the participants business. We are pleased to say that all five candidates who presented their projects recently to the independent assessment team have met the standard to pass the Advanced Milling Diploma. Congratulations!

Much gratitude goes to the businesses who have supported these candidates in their efforts. It has been wonderful to see these individuals grow in confidence and develop new skills that will benefit them, their companies and the broader milling industry for years to come.

Facing many challenges including the ongoing pandemic, these candidates have risen to the task and shown remarkable dedication and commitment to their work. We are delighted to celebrate their success and look forward to seeing what they will accomplish in the future.

You will need the support of your company to undertake this programme, but please get in touch with UKFM if you want to know more about the AMD.


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