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Brexit means biscuits – latest import and export data show growing trade deficit since 2020

The latest annual UK import and export figures continue to show a shifting pattern of trade of flour and flour-based goods.

As the graph below shows, since 2018 the UK trade deficit in flour-based products has been increasing, with a particular surge post-Brexit. This has been driven primarily by a rise in imports of mixes, doughs and biscuits, with imports of the latter rising by 70,000 tonnes in 2022 on 2021. Whilst this paints a slightly worrying picture of post-Brexit demand for UK flour, there is some reassurance to be found in the latest data, as flour exports rose by 64% in 2022 on 2021, driven almost entirely by an increase in exports to the Republic of Ireland.

On the other hand, flour imports continue to rise, up 20% on 2021, with Italian flour imports continuing their steady upward trajectory since 2015. Bread imports also continue to increase, with a particular jump seen in imports from the Republic of Ireland.

A full set of figures can be downloaded below

2022 import and export figures - flour and flour-based products
Download PDF • 338KB


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