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DLP Survey : course gets 4.4-star treatment

The UK Flour Millers’ distance learning programme (DLP) in flour milling training scored an impressive 4.4 stars out of five in a recent survey of students and ex-students.

Over 97 percent of those surveyed said the DLP met their objectives, and they found the modules a major source of knowledge and support within the milling industry. One respondent said the courses provided ‘’good explanation of the process, plenty of examples, pictures, photos and graphs’’.

Students also communicated that the training helped them gain a role or promotion within the industry and that they had developed new working practices that improved operations within their mill or business.

Constructive feedback included expanding the range of courses currently provided by UK Flour Millers; extending access to the eLearning materials found on the virtual mill as well as increasing the number of platforms materials are available smartphones and tablets.

One of the biggest challenges faced by students is balancing the time required for training with the demands of working within the mill.

The Training Committee is exploring new learning opportunities including micro learning which will allow students to access materials anytime, anywhere, in the palm of their hand. Students can either complete a single five-minute micro learning or complete two-or-more elements in a similar way to how people “binge” watch a television series.

In addition, the committee together with Visit IT are working with designated ‘IT Champions’ within member companies to improve access to the Virtual Mill and will be running tutorials from September for new and existing students.

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