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First Annual Review Launched



UK Flour Millers’ first Annual Review shows that, in 2023, the industry supplied 3.8 million tonnes of flour, milled using 4.0 million tonnes of UK grown wheat, with the sector remaining one of the largest customers for UK wheat farmers.  Flour is a key ingredient, used in approximately a third of foods sold in UK supermarkets. 


The trade body’s review can be found online here.  It shows that 2,000 people worked across UK flour mills from Edinburgh to Belfast, Selby to the Isle of Wight.  UK flour milling businesses generate a combined annual turnover of £2 billion. 


The sector is benefitting from ongoing investment, with £270 million invested over the last ten years, including in five new mills.  Energy consumption per thousand tonnes of grain milled has fallen by almost 10 per cent over the 15 years since 2008.


“As a country we are essentially self-sufficient in flour,” explained, chief executive, Alistair Gale, said.  “Our first annual review highlights this, alongside the fantastic, skilled people who work, day in day out in mills across the country underpinning food security and nourishing the nation, providing 20% of people’s daily energy intake. 


“Our members are investing in both people and technology to ensure that this key ingredient, fundamental to the nation’s diet, is made as efficiently as possible to exacting quality standards.”


Among the highlights of 2023 was the best health & safety performance in seven years and the graduation of six students from UK Flour Millers’ Advanced Milling Diploma, equipping them to be future managers.  More than 30 apprentices are in training across the businesses, and at least ten more are set to be taken on in the coming year.


Alistair Gale concluded that partnerships and collaboration will be key to the future:


“Working together in partnership is set to be critical for the future.  In the context of climate change and continued geopolitical uncertainty, this will help underpin food security.  Working along the supply chain, from farm to mill to bakery and with partners in research, trade and regulators, we will be able to make progress faster by working together.”


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About UK Flour Millers 


UK Flour Millers is the trade body for the flour milling industry in the United Kingdom. We support members by facilitation reliable, sustainable, and affordable supplies of wheat, providing training, promoting good practice in health and safety, advocating for the industry, and shaping and supporting long-term research and development. 

Industry and consumers can learn more about UK Flour Millers on our social media channels: LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook


Notes to editors 


Information about the percent of supermarket items contain flour was collected by BrandView and the percentage of households that buy bread came from Kantar worldpanel. The information is housed on UK Flour Millers’ “About Us” section of the website.  

Other interesting facts and statistics from UK Flour Millers’ “Statistics” webpage include: flour provides 20% of people’s daily energy intake, about 12 million loaves of bread, 2 million pizzas, and 10 million cakes and biscuits are made daily, and the flour milling industry has a low environmental impact with the milling process producing almost no waste. 


Contact information 


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