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Energy update

The Government announced on 9th January its revised energy support scheme for business, coming into effect from 1st April 2023 and running until 31st March 2024.

Whereas the existing relief scheme (EBRS) caps business energy prices, the revised scheme will offer a discount. The general level of support is much lower than at present, but there will be a bigger discount for more intensive energy users – including flour millers – covering 70% of their energy usage.

UKFM has been in dialogue with government about some of the details. We have been told that the basic scheme and the more generous scheme for intensive users are cumulative, although this doesn’t come across in the worked examples provided on the government website.

We have also been pressing for more details in relation to how discounts are calculated for those on variable price contracts, the application procedure, and how businesses with some self-generated energy will be treated. While it is positive that flour millers will have access to the more generous level of support, there is still a substantial level of detail remaining

to be clarified.


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