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High fibre white flour

The latest meeting of the BBSRC-funded, project which aims at increasing dietary fibre in white flour took place on 19th January.

Trying to influence people’s habit to choose wholemeal-based products (and bread, in particular) with the aim to increase fibre intake, has proven a challenge; hence the idea from researchers to increase fibre in white flour by selecting wheat varieties which are naturally higher in fibre.

Academia, breeders, millers, and bakers are working closely for this four-years project to select the best varieties and assess the impact of increased fibre on the baking process and the organoleptic properties of bread . The aim is to have a product that is as close as possible to the very popular white loaf.

It is exciting that after three years, we are now at the stage of milling some of the selected wheat varieties (richer in fibre) and reviewing the bread properties made from these. UKFM secretariat will organise dissemination events in the coming months to keep members and stakeholders updated.


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