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Imported wheat assurance: press coverage

There has been significant discussion in the farming press around the value of the Red Tractor Combinable Crops assurance scheme to farmers, with some holding the view the scheme undercut UK growers by holding them to higher standards than for imported wheat. UK Flour Millers.

After extensive surveys of UKFM members and merchants in the countries of origin from which we obtain the most imported wheat, UKFM put together a publicly available position statement on the matter. This outlines why UK millers use imported wheat at all, and emphasises the strength of checks that imported wheat is subjected to, as well the assurance and regulatory requirements in these origins that the grain is grown to.

One of the key findings from this work was the value the Red Tractor Crops scheme provides UK farmers, who do not have to test grain to the strict level required of imports, as there is greater confidence in food safety and compliance when wheat is grown to the standards. The fact that Red Tractor is universally supported by millers, who do not each require their own standards, is another benefit as farms are covered by a single audit.

The position statement was covered in the farming press, with some fair articles conveying our key points in Farmers Weekly and Farming UK.


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