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Letter from Malaysia

The results of this year’s flour milling exams are in, and once again students from around the world have excelled themselves.

They included Wong Chze Ching from Seberang, Malaysia, who achieved a Bronze Medal after completing the Advanced Certificate with six distinctions across the seven modules.

In a letter to UK Flour Millers, he wrote: “Thank you to all the tutors who have helped me. They have been very helpful and were very kind to share their valuable comments and experience which enhanced my understanding of the study materials. I would not have been able to achieve good results without them.

“I really enjoyed the learning experience on the Virtual Mill and I am sure it will be a great platform to enhance the learning for all students in the future. It's always great to learn from tutors with passion in flour milling!”

Students from member companies who performed best in each of the seven modules included: Struan Cessford (Carrs, Kirkcaldy) – Modules 1 and 5; James Nikel (Whitworths, Holbeach) – Module 2; Gemma Stephenson (ADM, Knottingley) – Module 3; Kyle Rogers (Carrs Kirkcaldy) – Module 4; Wayne O’Boyle (Whitworths, Whitley Bridge) – Module 6; and Edward Burke (ADM, Leith) – Module 7.

This year’s Silver Medal winner is Shaneel Swamy (FMF Foods, Fiji). Unusually, two Bronze Medals were awarded this year, to: Wong Chze Ching and Struan Cessford.


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