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Matt's king of the castle - thanks to Kingsmill

Construction worker Matt Close has become the toast of Lancaster after making a scale model of the town’s castle – out of Kingsmill bread!

Unable to leave his house during lockdown, Matt, 30, decided to beat the boredom by toasting two loaves of 50/50 and using the slices to painstakingly reconstruct the medieval castle on his living room table. His feat made headlines in the local newspaper, and also attracted the attention of Kingsmill who got in touch via social media to congratulate him.

“What a fantastic way to keep busy during lockdown, and we were super-happy Kingsmill provided such a good material for your bread castle,” they wrote on Twitter.

The company also pledged to make a donation of bread to a local hospital or hospice on Matt’s behalf. According to Matt, the most difficult part of his construction project was tidying up afterwards. “There were crumbs everywhere,” he said. “I had to vacuum three times”.


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