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"May contain" consultation launched

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched a consultation on allergen ‘may contain’ labelling in food.

The Agency is questioning whether standard wording or best practice for labels can be devised, and whether there should be standardisation of risk assessments that lead to the decision as to whether to add a may contain label or not.

UK Flour Millers will be responding to the consultation, and the response will be drafted with member input to ensure our position reflects the views of the sector. Member companies are also advised to submit individual responses.

This consultation comes at a time of significant interest around allergens. There have been ongoing discussions with the FSA around the known presence of small levels of soya in some flours and implications for labelling, as well as recent attention from customers regarding the presence of mustard in flour, stemming from reports of cross-contamination of wheat in Italy.

More information on the consultation can be found here.


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