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National Food Strategy published

The first part of restaurateur Henry Dimbleby’s long-awaited review of national food strategy was published last month.

Framed as a response to the current issues of Covid and standards in relation to trade, the main recommendation is that children in particular should have access to good nutritious food regardless of economic background.

Dimbleby also recommends that the government should allow for scrutiny of trade deals, including whether they uphold UK food standards to a sufficient extent.

The principles seem unlikely to be the source of major disagreement, although there may well be argument in some quarters about the suggested mechanisms for achieving these objectives.

The report will be followed by a period of discussion, and part two – a more comprehensive review of the UK's food system and its resilience to future shocks and change (including climate change) – will follow in 2021.

nabim will of course be engaging with the debate and discussion as it develops during the next 12 months.


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