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The UK Flour Millers team has had a busy couple of months. Here are just some of their activities in April and May 2022.

  • The UK Flour Millers Wheat Committee held its meeting at the plant breeders KWS, in Thriplow Cambridgeshire. This included a tour of the wheat breeding facilities – which brought home the scale of modern plant breeding, involving crossing tens of thousands of wheat lines and, over the years, selecting those with the most promising characteristics.

  • Trade Policy Manager Alex Costigliola had the chance to listen to several presentations on research projects and product development in the flour and bakery sector delivered by the teaching staff of the National Bakery School. The informative afternoon, which took place at Baker’s Hall, was an opportunity to introduce new staff members, remind of the active role played by the Baker’s Company (directly and with partners) in baking industry education and present the new structure of the courses at London South Bank University.

  • UK Flour Millers secretariat took part in a meeting for Trade Associations organised by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). The meeting focused on best practice for gathering insight: from quickly collating and synthesising large quantities of information and data to making the most out of databases and technology to assist this process in order to inform our conversations with government in a meaningful and, as far as possible, consistent manner.

  • UK Flour Millers secretariat attended the latest EFM technical committee meeting – this remains a very useful platform for UKFM to inform European colleagues on the UK approach to relevant issues (from contaminants to labelling and environmental issues); to contribute towards the sector position on European legislation and exchange experience and approaches with our European counterparts.

  • The two Alex’s (Costigliola and Waugh) updated ADM’s management team on UKFM’s work and priorities at their Tilbury mill. The meeting allowed for a fruitful exchange. If any members are interested in arranging a similar session for their business please contact


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