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Press release: Full house for UK Flour Millers' Annual R&D Seminar

In the photo from left to right: Dr Stacey Lockyer, Dr Martin Whitworth, Chris Stockdale, Dr Stéphanie Swarbreck, Danny Bayliss, Joe Brennan, and Prof Janneke Balk at UK Flour Millers in London.


More than 60 people gathered at UK Flour Millers’ London base on 14 December 2023 for its annual Research and Development Seminar

On 14 December, flour millers from across the United Kingdom (UK), agriculture industry players, policy makers, researchers, suppliers, and customers came together to learn about policy and research updates. These efforts highlight the proactive nature of UK Flour Millers and the flour milling industry to engage with the challenges of the future.

Led by UK Flour Millers’ head of technical and regulatory affairs, Joe Brennan, the event included presentations on precision breeding, biofortification of minerals in wheat endosperm, milling and baking quality in wheat, and the challenges of calculating consistent carbon footprints across farms.

Speakers were drawn from across the agriculture, food, and nutritional research sectors and included:

  • Toby Townsend (ADAS)

  • Dr Stéphanie Swarbreck (National Institute of Agricultural Botany)

  • Dr Martin Whitworth (Campden BRI)

  • Danny Bayliss (Campden BRI)

  • Chris Stockdale (Food Standards Agency)

  • Dr Stacey Lockyer (British Nutrition Foundation)

  • Prof Peter Shewry (Rothamsted Research)

  • Prof Janneke Balk (John Innes Centre)

“Our full agenda for this day-long event shows both the breadth of developments linked to flour milling and the pace of change,” Joe Brennan said about the event, which was over-subscribed. “Delegates attending were able to learn more about the policy issues on the horizon, plus the latest food processing research affecting wheat, flour, and finished products.”

Joe’s own ergot-focused presentation was intriguingly titled: Wheat, witches and werewolves – how a mystical mycotoxin is challenging the modern grain chain.

Additional images:

Photos from left to right: Alistair Gale, Prof Peter Shewry, and Toby Townsend

About UK Flour Millers:

UK Flour Millers is the trade body for the UK flour milling industry. We support our members by facilitating reliable, sustainable, and affordable supplies of wheat, providing training, promoting good practice in health and safety, advocating for the industry, and shaping and supporting long-term research and development.



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