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The New Virtual Mill is Open for Business

Following the closure of our first Virtual Mill in April, we have been hard at work, using gaming technology to construct a new Virtual Mill, with better design, better graphics, and more scope for interaction.

All students enrolled in the 2021-22 distance learning programme (and their mentors) should register for access to the Virtual Mill via the Flour Milling Training website. If you haven’t already signed up to use the site, please go to Select the Log In option, followed by the Sign Up option. Once approved, you will be able to visit the Virtual Mill page for the current download version, set up instructions and a basic user guide.

At the start of the course year, all students were informed of the programme of virtual tutorials that would be run by our tutors, helping students prepare for their examinations in May. However, students and mentors will be free to enter the Virtual Mill as they please, using this resource at times to suit them, to further their understanding of milling.

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