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Press release: UK Flour Millers published the online Wheat Guide 2024 this spring


Farmers and agronomists can use the Wheat Guide 2024 on UK Flour Millers’ website to understand miller variety preferences

Individuals and organisations in the agricultural food supply chain can now download the Wheat Guide 2024 on UK Flour Millers’ website. This document provides insights into flour miller variety preferences.

The Wheat Guide 2024 complements Agriculture and Horticulture Board’s (AHDB) Recommended List by providing the milling industry’s views on wheat varieties and their relative values in the United Kingdom (UK) milling market. The guide reiterates key milling industry messages around variety selection and storage, emphasising the importance of food safety and the need to segregate varieties within stores, as mixing can reduce their marketability.

UK Flour Millers’ head of technical and regulatory affairs, Joe Brennan, said, “The Wheat Guide is written with the input of the whole milling sector and is a definitive guide to variety quality. However, different mills have different requirements and it’s crucial that growers understand what local destinations are looking for in order to maximise value from their milling wheat crops.”

Flour millers in the UK consistently use 5 million tonnes of wheat every year, of which typically 80-85% comes from British farms. This demand is stable, with approximately 30% of supermarket food products containing flour, reflecting the fact flour is a staple food and ingredient.

“Our wheat guide is an invaluable reference for farmers developing their plans for the coming season,” Alistair Gale, UK Flour Millers’ chief executive officer shared. “It’s a one stop point to find the optimum milling wheat varieties, opening up the prospect of returns beyond those available for feed wheat.”

A downloadable version of the Wheat Guide 2024 is available on UK Flour Millers’ website. Farmers, agronomists, and flour millers can request a printed version of the document as needed. To find local flour mills, use UK Flour Millers’ online tool or download a printable version from their website.

About UK Flour Millers:

UK Flour Millers is the trade body for the UK flour milling industry. The association supports members by facilitating reliable, sustainable, and affordable supplies of wheat, providing training, promoting good practices in health and safety, advocating for the industry, and shaping and supporting long-term research and development.

Notes to readers:

Printed versions of UK Flour Millers’ Wheat Guide 2024 may be subject to fees. Information about the percent of supermarket items containing flour was collected by Kantar worldpanel and Brandview, and according to their data 98% of UK households also buy bread. Additional information is housed on UK Flour Millers’ website, including in About Us, Wheat, Mill Map, and the Wheat Guide 2024. Flour is an important part of everyday life in the UK, and UK Flour Millers supports the efforts of flour millers to provide this essential ingredient.


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